There are 4 generas of the Geminiviridae:

1. Genus Mastrevirus

Species Type: Maize streak virus

  • This virus is primarily transmitted by leafhoppers to monocotyledonous plants
  • The Maize streak virus infects maize and has caused a disease epidemic throughout African regions where maize is grown

    Corn that has been infected with the virus (picture 2)

A leafhopper (picture 1)

2. Genus Curtovirus

Species Type: Beet curly top virus

  • This virus is transmitted by leafhoppers or treehoppers to dicotyledonous plants
  • This particular virus infects beets, tomatoes, peppers, beans, potatoes, spinach, and weeds

    Plant dying of beet curly top virus (picture 4)

The treehopper insect (picture 3)

3. Genus Begomovirus

Species Type: Bean golden mosaic virus

  • This virus is transmitted by whiteflies to dicotyledonous plants
  • The Begomoviruscauses a lot of crop damage in plants such as beans, tomatoes squash, cotton, and cassava

    Bean plants dying from virus infection (picture 6)

Whiteflies are disease vectors (picture 5)

4. Genus Topocuvirus

Species Type: Tomato pseudo-curly top virus

  • This virus is transmitted by treehoppers to dicotyledonous plants
  • The Tomato pseudo-curly top virus mainly targets tomatoes

    Dying tomatoe plant (picture 8)

    A different species of the treehopper insect (picture 7)

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